The Shay & Shay Radio Hour

By Minion Productions (other events)

2 Dates Through Sep 08, 2018

Part of the 5th Annual 'Seattle-to-Fresno' Mini-rogue fest; sponsored by Rogue Festival to bring first-class fringe theater performances to Fresno year-round!

-- The singer-songwriter siblings return to Fresno to bring you stories of heartbreak, friendship, and science fiction, all seasoned with their winsome charm and wry humor. Enjoy witty original tunes, including space-faring sea shanties, pop culture break-up songs, and just about everything in between. It's a Two Shay Ship Show! --

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Aaron J. Shay -
An acoustic singer-songwriter from Seattle, Aaron J. Shay blends an old-world folk sound with a modern lyrical style and an affinity for science, technology, and fiction. His performances are highly interactive experiences, featuring many sing-alongs and stomp-alongs, all punctuated by his funny and heartfelt musings on relationships, creativity, magic, and the future of humanity.

Sarah Shay -
Sarah Shay is a writer, musician, and podcaster from Seattle. She plays nerdy folky songs on ukulele that are usually funny but sometimes sad, interspersed with her insights into pop culture and storytelling. A keen observer of all manner of modern fiction, Sarah writes songs that dance between a variety of subjects, from rock star poets to time-traveling adventurers, every show inspiring in the audience some new perspective on age-old tales.