Les Bancs: An Interstellar Clown Show

By Minion Productions (other events)

2 Dates Through Sep 09, 2018

Part of the 5th Annual 'Seattle-to-Fresno' Mini-rogue fest; sponsored by Rogue Festival to bring first-class fringe theater performances to Fresno year-round!

-- All the other astronauts had the day off, so these three clowns got their big break to go on a  mission to the moon….and completely messed it up. Blasted and bruised from a menacing maelstrom of meteors, they find themselves trapped on Earth’s closest companion. The conditions are harsh, the atmosphere is thin and they only have each other to survive. Will they band together to last in their lonely lunar landscape? Or will their tumultuous tensions propel them to blast each other into space dust? Stay Tuned! --

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